Week 1 assignments

August 30: by the start of class on Tuesday 9/6, please set up your own wordpress site. Give thought to what you want to name it and look through the templates to pick one that appeals to you. The template is fairly easy to change–the site title is not.

September 1: due next Thursday, September 8 at the beginning of class. Find examples of some of the kinds of news presented on websites (MSM, blogger, advocacy, advertising). Write a paragraph or so on each, with your observations and opinions about each, and post on your new wordpress site as one post. The post must include hyperlinks to the sites you are critiquing.

Reading Assignment: From Journalism Next, read the foreword, introduction and Chapter 1. Chapter 1 focuses on webpage programming and design, and although this class doesn’t focus on the technical aspects of webpage production, I do expect you to have a passing familiarity with it. Also read the short article posted under Week 1 Assignments tab.

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