JOUR 311 Syllabus

JOUR 311—Fall 2011
Multimedia Journalism
Class meets: TR 9:30-10:45
Instructor: Dr. Lydia Timmins
My office: 244 Pearson
Phone: 302-831-3567
Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday, 11am-noon and by appointment
E-mail: (emailing me is the BEST way to reach me)

Course Description: Students explore multi-media technology for use in web-based journalism, learning techniques, ethics and standards.
Learning Objectives: Students will gain skills in writing for digital media. Students will learn how to create ethical journalism in an online environment.

Text: Journalism Next, Mark Briggs

Timeliness! In the real world, no one will cut you a break for being consistently late. When the camera tally light goes on, you have to be ready. I expect class to begin promptly at 9:30 and attendance is expected. I expect you to participate in class discussions and to complete assignments when they are due. I expect all class members to treat each other in a courteous manner, especially if there is a difference of opinion during class discussions. I encourage a diversity of opinions and wish to hear what everyone has to say. I expect you to complete the reading for each week before class starts so we can talk about the concepts in an intelligent manner.
We are working in a computer lab but that doesn’t mean you can post status updates or Tweet during class. The world will function without you for 75 minutes.
Spelling counts. So do grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Your written words say a lot about your dedication to your job, especially in a digital environment. Don’t lose a job or miss an opportunity because you don’t proofread your work. Assignments will lose points if they contain grammatical errors.
Plagiarism: It will not be tolerated. There are enough words in the English language that you do not have to copy someone else’s. It is against University policy, and will lead to dismissal. In the professional world, it is grounds for firing and a reputation that will follow you everywhere.
Any student requiring consideration due to a disability is encouraged to contact me in person, via email or phone as soon as possible to ensure your needs are accommodated and your learning experience is positive.

Grading: Your grade is based on site usability, writing, content choices. Each week you/ your site will get a grade based on the appearance of the site, additions, enhancements and audience appeal. I will find out this information in 2 ways: by looking at the site itself and through a one-page summary you will submit in Sakai each Friday before 5pm beginning September 30 that tells me what you did and why. The paper does not have to be formally written–it can even be a series of notes that describe what you did (“updated campus story about _____ “) and why (“new information came in that added context to the original posting”).
All grades will be privately posted in Sakai.

Course Outline:
We will work at a comfortable pace to learn the concepts of online writing and reporting. We will focus on the writing and the reasons behind decisions that are made. While the class must incorporate some amount of technical web design skills, the main focus is on the content—gathering, writing and publishing. As such, the material you produce will be graded more heavily on the information and how it is presented rather than pretty graphics and banners that don’t enhance content.

Academic Enrichment Center: ( offers the following academic help:
Low-cost individual tutoring in numerous subjects
Free group tutoring, in response to student demand
On-line workshops to help students master essential college-level study skills
In-person study skills workshop series
Academic intake appointments and academic counseling (call 831-4555 to make an appointment)
Study Skills SkilMod course (UNIV113), a one-credit pass/fail course for freshmen and sophomores (exceptions can be made for other students, when needed)

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