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Finding Interview Subjects

The documentary planning is moving along well! The next big step is finding the right people to tell the story, and devising the questions that will get to the information we want.

How do we do that? First, choosing subjects. They should be people who interest us–because if we find them interesting it’s a good bet that others will too. Finding friends and recommendations from friends are two good ways. Pre-interview over the phone if possible. Can the person put a coherent sentence together? Some people are great on paper (or digitally), not so much in real life. Try to get a feel for what the person might say. Don’t conduct the whole interview, then try to go back with a camera…just ask one or two questions to figure out the person’s expertise.

And how about those questions? First rule: open-ended. Don’t ask a lot of yes/no questions. Or don’t ask questions at all! “Tell me about your relationship and how it began.” “Talk to me about the challenges you faced keeping in contact with your boyfriend/girlfriend.” “How did/does ___make you feel?”

Composing the right questions to ask the right subjects–that’s this week’s challenge!

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