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Announcing a NEW Study Abroad program to Costa Rica over Winter 2013!


Looks like fun…


Please attend one of two upcoming Interest Meetings:

1.       Tuesday, 2/21/12 from 4 – 5 pm in Kirkbride 100

2.      Wednesday, 2/30/12 from 4 – 5 pm in Gore 304


Dr. John Sawyer, BUAD

Prof. Carolyn White Bartoo, COMM


This program will use Costa Rica, a developing Central American nation, as our “laboratory” to environmental practices in small, entrepreneurial businesses and the methods they use to market and promote them in the U.S.

Costa Rica, known as one of the top three ecotourism destinations in the world, has intentionally preserved much of is lush rain-forests, volcanoes, coffee fields, wildlife, and plant biodiversity to attract adventure-seeking travelers. It is considered by many indexes as the greenest country in the world.

We will stay in modern hotels and go on excursions throughout urban, rural and wilderness areas.


BUAD367/HRIM367- Sustainable Business Development: The Case of Ecotourism Entrepreneurship

Sustainability has become a critical concept in business and economic development. As world economies seek means to draw resources and wealth, a tension develops between economic development and social and environmental responsibility.  This course will capitalize on the current economic development trends in Costa Rica to understand this dynamic tension and to investigate how Costa Rica is addressing social and environmental sustainability as it build its tourism economy.

COMM 309 Introduction to Public Relations

All organizations use communication to “promote” their products or services  through either intentional, professional marketing techniques, or informal, reactionary messaging.  Ecotourism  via public relations takes many forms including: media relations, website, social media, brochures, signage, customer service, direct mail, and employee relations.  All of these techniques will be discussed in this course which will focus on strategic, market-based communication (also known as Integrated Marketing Communication) as it relates to classic public relations.

Students will choose peer-teams which will exist throughout the entire program and will be charged with a series of analytical investigations of all the professional, tourism, and cultural organizations visited.  The course, in effect, will create “real-world” cases based on first-person observation and analysis that will dovetail with the course readings and resource materials.

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